Enabling future-readiness.

Let's face it:

Choosing a consultant partner is a rather personal service choice. You share your concerns, challenges and weaknesses as well as hopes and dreams. You share what keeps you up at night and what gets you out of bed. You likely spend a significant amount of your valuable time with your advisor.

Given the nature of the relationship,

 it seems natural that your advisor should mirror your values & aspirations to be able to deliver the inspiring outcome you expect.

We are no ordinary consultants.

And we don't want to become.
We simply love to contribute to brands & organizations that enable people to follow their passions and to make the world better step by step. By showing what’s possible. By looking at things from a different angle. By putting purpose at the core. 

In doing so we think and shape the future together with you. For a forward-looking and successful action in today and for tomorrow.
KORE – enabling future-readiness.

Reinhard Schaffler

Reinhard Schaffler
is the founder & managing director of KORE Austria, the brand and organizational consultancy for future viability in the Salzburg area.

As an experienced and curious manager, he is always happy to be in open exchange with interesting personalities and courageous people.

For more than two decades he has held responsible positions in the sporting consumer goods and lifestyle industry. It is our intention to understand the "WHY" and to support brands, people and organizations in their future viability.

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Christian Langer
is Founder & Managing Director of KORE Advisors GmbH, the purpose-focused brand & org. consultancy.

Passionate about the power of purpose, Christian is dedicated to helping brands & organizations  discover their purpose and design purpose-driven strategies and business models. For more than two decades in various demanding roles, Christian was globally responsible for one of the world’s most famous brands - GORE-TEX®. 

He is an experienced Global business & brand leader and a highly seeked after soundingboard partner for entrepreneurs and excecutives. For him the question about the WHY and WHAT FOR is at the core of his purpose-focused work.

He's driven by creating impact through actively inspiring, mobilizing and supporting his clients who want to sustainably & responsibly change the world. "I don't see any contradiction between doing good and doing well as a business."

Our values—
What we stand for.

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Our five core values form the basis of KORE's work and thus for our consulting approach.


See the good in others, act in a way to instill confidence & security with others.


Commitment, to stand for something and to bear the consequences.


Drive for change & decisions, openness for new ideas & approaches, to have an opinion and to openly state it.


Being consistent with our own values, principles and commitments; being honest with oneself & others, clear communication.


Mutual appreciation of different personalities and opinions, of achievements and behaviours.

For us to achieve our goals,
you – as our partner – have to first achieve yours.

As you can see, we are not a good fit for everyone. However, if you feel addressed, we look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps we will soon be shaping the future together...

Matches you?